911 Truth Activism Proposals Winter 2018

My answers were viewed by over 970,000 people on quora.com before I was banned in June of 2017. They don’t tell you why they ban you, but the effort there its still worth the trouble. Most of my answers address 9/11 truth and the Global War On Terror. Viewers on quora are mainly non choir. As of June 2016 I was viewed by about 1500 people a day. Most truthers who are better writers than me and more knowledgeable than me reach trivial numbers of nonchoir because they don’t use quora.com. Quora actually defends civility and bounces uncivil people. I got thanked every week by quora for reporting nasty debunkers.

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911 Evidence That Suggests Deeper Study

Consider the issue of standards of proof. My standards of proof may differ from yours. To insist that I must prove 9/11 was an inside job sets too high a standard for people who think patriotism means supporting under any conditions all the institutions of society. Do politicians ever lie or dissemble? Better to have the standard of achieving a “cause for concern.” We don’t deserve to live in freedom if we can’t have a civil conversation about this 9/11 evidence. Such civil dialog in the US is RARE.

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In this installment of 9/11 Freefall, Ted Walter gives us a stunning status update on the progress of the AE911Truth’s Request for Corrections, which is a hundred-page document, from NIST, for their fatally flawed analysis and “report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11, 2001 at 5:30 PM in the late afternoon of that day” (NIST Report). Ted goes on to show that there are 8 areas in the NIST Report that violate their own information quality standards. The other legal action discussed by Ted Walter is a new inquest looking into the proximal cause of death of Jeff Campbell.

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SEVEN Official Trailer | A Dylan Avery Film on Building 7


Thanks to donations from hundreds of supporters, a five-minute version of SEVEN aired 835 times during the summer and into the fall on 127 PBS stations across the country, reaching an estimated 4.1 million viewers.

The feature-length version of SEVEN is now set to be seen by millions more as it becomes available for purchase on multiple platforms — and later for free on Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, distributor 1091 Pictures is working to get the film on Netflix or Hulu, where subscribers will be able to watch it for free.

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The new film SEVEN is now available on five different streaming platforms.

Those of you who generously donated to the making of SEVEN in order to educate the world about Building 7 will receive a DVD before the end of the year. The DVD will also be for sale in AE911Truth’s store in early 2021.

We are profoundly grateful to the many activists who helped make SEVEN and Dr. Hulsey’s groundbreaking study possible. Your dedication will continue to bear fruit as more and more people learn about Building 7 — the Achilles’ heel of the 9/11 deception.

Your gift will help expose NIST’s malfeasance.

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